Friday, June 20, 2014

Stay-at-home dad gets probation for abusing 3-month-old daughter (Stillwater, Oklahoma)

Deadbeat pothead dad bashes the baby's head now transformed into a poor stay-at-home dad who was depressed. Gets probation. Gag.

Dad is identified as EVERETT SHAKELE TUBBS.

Published on: 06/19/2014

Stillwater Man Gets Probation In Child Abuse Case

Patti Weaver

(Stillwater, Okla.) -- A young father, who allegedly told a Perkins woman he wished he had put up his baby for adoption, has been placed on seven years' probation for abusing the then 3-month-old girl by hitting her head against a wall in their Stillwater home.

Everett Shakele Tubbs, now 20, who was 18 when the July 13, 2012, abuse occurred, was ordered last week to have substance abuse/mental health evaluations, to follow any recommended treatment, and to perform 75 hours of community service along with paying a $500 fine.

Tubbs, who had pleaded guilty, said in a pre-sentencing report, "I don't feel the charge of child abuse by accurate in terms of what I did wrong. I was caring for my daughter the day she was injured as was normal when the child's mother went to work.

"I leaned down while holding my daughter and accidentally 'bumped' her head on the wall," the report said. "

Tubbs indicated that he thought he did everything he was supposed to do when he took his daughter to the hospital for examination shortly after he noticed she was not behaving normally as a result of her head bumping the wall," the report said.

OU Children's Hospital emergency room physician Emily Henry said that the injuries were believed to be the result of abuse and "there was more than one instance of non-accidental head trauma," Stillwater Police Detective Sgt. Jeff Watts wrote in an affidavit.

The baby's mother said that she had begun working about a month earlier and Tubbs quit his job, the affidavit said.

Tubbs wrote in his guilty plea that the baby "does have medical records which show no permanent damage."

Tubbs said "he was kicked out of school in 10th grade and has attempted to obtain his GED on two separate occasions, but has not yet obtained his GED," according to the report filed in March.

"Tubbs reports that his current employment is the first job he has held that makes him feel good about working," the report said.

Tubbs said that his relationship with the child's mother is very strong and they plan to get married after he completes any obligations related to the charge, the report said.

Tubbs said the child now lives with her maternal grandmother, who has been assigned as the child's guardian as a result of intervention by the state Department of Human Services in the case, the report said.

Tubbs said he visits his child on a daily basis under the supervision of the grandmother, the report said.

"Tubbs reports he is involved with his church as well as in multiple sports," the report said.

Tubbs said he smoked marijuana about once every week with his last use approximately three weeks prior to the pre-sentencing report.

"Tubbs reports that he uses marijuana to help with his depression as he does not like the way prescription medication makes him feel.

"Tubbs reports he has a history of abusing opiates, but denies use of opiates in the last year.

"Tubbs reports he often lies to his family and friends about his marijuana use, as he knows they do not approve of that behavior," the report said.