Friday, March 4, 2016

Dad charged with felony murder for killing 2-year-old son during weekend visitation (Douglasville, Georgia)

As usual, no explanation as to whether dad's "rights" were court-ordered, or who was responsible if they were. Dad is identified as COURTNEY CRAIG.

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Douglasville father charged with murdering toddler son

By: Nathalie Pozo       
Posted:Mar 03 2016 04:58PM EST Updated:Mar 04 2016 01:58PM EST

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. - Investigators have released new information about the "suspicious" death of a toddler in Douglas County.

It happened at the Millwood Park Apartments located in the 8200 block of Duralee Lane in Douglasville on Tuesday.

Police said 2-year-old King Davis spent the weekend with his father, Courtney Craig, 23, and died while in his dad's custody. Detectives won't say how the child died, but said Craig is responsible. He's been charged with felony murder and cruelty to children.

King's mother's family told FOX 5 they are heartbroken and angry over the little boy's death.

One neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said she is surprised because she never saw a child coming in or out of the apartment. Another neighbor, Shirley Fulton, who lives downstairs, said she was at the apartment complex located on Durable Lane when police arrived.

"I seen a couple of police cars out there.I seen the mother breaking down I said it must be her child, but I did not know what was going on," said Fulton. "It is really sad."

Craig was booked into the Douglas County Adult Detention Center without bond. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office and Douglasville Police are investigating the death.