Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Teen commits suicide after being forced to live with custodial dad; protective mom files lawsuit (Chesterfield, Virginia)

Unfortunately, this is in many ways a typical scenario. Abusive dad secures custody (total control) over victim and shuts Mom off from any contact with the child whatsoever. Daddy then plays games with the kid's mental health supports, for which, of course, he is apparently not being held responsible for at all. Notice that this is an UNNAMED DAD....

Mom of teen who committed suicide files wrongful death suit

Posted: Jun 01, 2015 1:23 PM EDT Updated: Jun 02, 2015 12:52 AM EDT

By NBC12 Newsroom

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The mother of a Chesterfield high school student who committed suicide in 2013 has filed a wrongful death suit against two therapists, a counseling group, and the teen's biological father.

#17-year-old Cal Reilly hanged himself inside a tunnel at Chesterfield's Hampton Park, just days before graduation in May of 2013. His friends and former classmates later spray painted messages inside the tunnel in a gesture meant to memorialized the teen, but were arrested for graffiti and the messages were removed.

#Now Cal's mother, Darci Reilly, has filed suit against several people whom she claims did not prevent her son from taking his life. Reilly is seeking $6 million in damages.

#Darci Reilly's attorney, Mandy Wilson, says Cal's death stemmed from a nasty custody battle where he allegedly told one psychologist that if he had to live with his father, he would kill himself. Despite that, Wilson says one of the psychologists sent him to live with his father. At the time of the child's death, Reilly says she had no contact with her son, because of what she alleges are false accusations from these psychologists.

"What is alleged is heartbreaking, and includes everything from calling the police on (the child) out of anger, to requesting removal of him early from the one place that was actually treating him for a previous suicide attempt. We would ask anyone to reserve judgement against anyone unless and until they have read the full scope of the complaint," said Wilson in a statement to NBC12.