Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dad says he's "not guilty" in capital murder of 9-month-old son (San Juan, Texas)

Notice that Mom is blamed for not reporting even though the father has assaulted her before. Once again, we see how mom are held responsible for the crimes of fathers. Dad is identified as RUBEN GONZALEZ.

Valley father says he’s ‘not guilty’ in capital murder of infant son

Posted: Monday, October 13, 2014 10:30 am


SAN JUAN — By the time emergency medical personnel arrived Oct. 3, the baby was not breathing, he was unresponsive and had turned blue.

Nearly a week later, the 9-month-old baby boy died. Doctors took the child life support and pronounced him dead. On Friday, arrested his father, accusing him of capital murder.

Ruben Gonzalez, 32, of San Juan, was arraigned Friday evening wearing only a yellow hospital gown in connection with the death of his son, whose name police refused to release.

The 32-year-old looked straight ahead as the judge asked him if he had understood the charge against him. “Yes, sir,” he replied.

Paola Banda Galvan, the baby’s mother and Gonzalez’s common-law wife, faces a charge of injury to a child for failing to report the baby’s injuries, San Juan police spokesman Sgt. Rolando Garcia said.

Officers said they were in contact with her and expected her to surrender at the department.

Police launched an investigation into Gonzalez and Banda immediately after medical personnel rushed the boy to a local hospital in critical condition the afternoon of Oct. 3, after Gonzalez called 911 to report he was not breathing.

The baby’s injuries included fractures all over his body, but Garcia would not describe specific injuries, only saying that the wounds were consistent with trauma to the body caused by someone else.

“I am not guilty of this — that’s all I have to say,” Gonzalez said as he was escorted from his court hearing.

Investigators did not consider Banda and Gonzalez flight risks and wanted to make sure they had enough evidence to charge Gonzalez with capital murder, which is why they waited a week before arresting him.

Garcia confirmed officers were keeping watch on Gonzalez hours before they arrested him Friday afternoon.

Gonzalez was arrested in December on assault charges — after hitting Banda — who was pregnant with the baby he is now accused of killing.

Police said the couple’s two other children, a 2 year old and a 1 year old were removed from their home by Child Protective Services and placed in foster care outside the Rio Grande Valley.