Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dad in custodial situation body-slams 8-year-old son, causing brain bleed; what happened to boy's mom? (Jennings, Louisiana)

Obviously some sort of custodial situation, since dad's girlfriend is mentioned, who is clearly not the mother.
Whether Daddy had full custody or shared/joint is not clarified. And Mom's existence has been erased entirely. How did this abuser get access to a child? No answer here. Who gave it to him? No answer here.
Dad is identified as ROBERT D. BOURQUE.

Posted: Jun 14, 2016 4:27 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 14, 2016 4:29 PM EDT

Jennings man arrested on child abuse charge

A Jennings man has been booked in connection with the injury of his child, Jennings Police said.

Robert D. Bourque, 30, of Jennings, was booked with cruelty to a juvenile. As of Tuesday, no bond had been set for his release.

Police were called to Jennings American Legion Hospital Saturday after an eight-year-old child was brought to the hospital with a head wound. His father, identified as Bourque, told police the child fell off a couch and hit his head on a wooden floor.

However, medical personnel reported the child had vomited before his arrival at the hospital and after his arrival, and a CT scan on the child showed a large brain bleed, a spokesman said.

The child was transferred to a Lafayette hospital where a neurosurgeon determined that the child's injuries were not consistent with falling off a couch, the spokesman said.
The child then told investigators that his father was upset with him because he didn't want to play with his dad's girlfriend's daughter. The child told investigators that his father picked him up and body-slammed him onto the floor, the spokesman said. When investigators went back to the father with the child's story, he allegedly confessed what he had done, the spokesman said.