Saturday, November 28, 2015

Registered sex offender dad with unspecified custodial rights arrested for beating 9-year-old son (Orange County, Florida)

Where can you even start with this level of crazy?

Let's see.

* The obvious bullsh** of the Clueless Neighbor, who insists "nice guy" daddy "loves his kid very much" despite the fact that the same daddy beats the child so badly that he has facial injuries, bruises, and belt wounds?

*How about the fact that Daddy has had multiple encounters with CPS, and they do nothing to protect the boy? (Never mind how this fits in with Clueless Neighbor's idiotic insistences referenced above).

* CPS is so f***ed up that they can't even deal with a media interview?

* And this, which just takes my breath away. Daddy has been convicted of sexual assault, failed to register as a sexual offender, and yet in his custody filings claims he needs to provide his son with a "positive male role model." WHAT?

*And what custody dealings? What moronic Florida judge gave this father any access at all? Just what custody rights did Daddy have? Obviously not supervised visitation. Did this piece of crap have full custody? And what happened to Mom?

Dad is identified as WESLEY MCVAY.

Posted: 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015 9

Investigates father arrested on child abuse charges after multiple DCF encounters

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Inside a nondescript block home on a quiet Conway-area street, investigators believe a 38-year-old registered sex offender hit his 9-year-old son so hard that it broke capillaries in the boy's face.

Neighbors told Channel 9's Karla Ray that they didn't know that Wesley McVay had been arrested.
"All I know is he loves his kid very much," neighbor Shaffie Mohammed said.

The Florida Department of Children and Families took McVay's son from him three weeks ago, after they reportedly found the boy with the facial injuries, bruises and belt wounds on his backside.

"Have you ever seen bruises or anything on the little boy?" Ray asked Mohammed. "No. Never," Mohammed said.

McVay was arrested Tuesday and charged with child abuse.

According to his arrest report, McVay has a history of encounters with DCF, in regards to child abuse allegations. All of those incidents included the same child.

When Ray asked DCF officials why the child wasn't taken from McVay sooner, they said the family's history wasn't public. No one from the agency would agree to an on-camera interview with Ray.

"I've seen a DCF truck come in here a couple of times but I don't get involved with it. That's his personal business. I don't get involved with it," Mohammed said.

McVay was found guilty of sexual assault in Texas in 1998.

The year before his son was born, McVay was convicted in Florida of failing to register as an offender.

According to custody filings that Ray examined, McVay wanted more access to his son so that the child would have a "positive male role model in his life."

"I'll be surprised. He's a really nice guy. He really takes care of his kid. He loves his kid, he really does," Mohammed said.

McVay was being held in the Orange County Jail.